Welcome to Softball Coach your source on the web for coaching tips, softball skills, and practice drills to help you develop your recreation and travel softball players from T-Ball through high school.

A Little Background on Softball Coach

Coaching youth softball is a fun and rewarding experience. The coaches that contribute to this site have over 30 years experience at the recreation, travel, and high school levels. This experience has taught us that there is a tremendous need for the typical amateur volunteer coach to have resources available to use for practice plans that develop basic skills in a fun and positive manner.

We have also learned that young athletes need to practice outside of regular practice times in order to reinforce skills. Our coaches have found that having resources available to give to the parent or player as a reference significantly increases outside practice time and skill retention.

Why We Can Help

We know that beginning coaches can get stuck looking drills and activities to bring to practices as we were there once too! We’ve coached our own daughters and searched for drills and activities to “fill-in” time during practice. We’ve struggled to make sure we were correctly teaching mechanics.

Over the years, we’ve gained considerable knowledge and skills in order to help our players become successful. We have consulted with college coaches and experts, attended workshops, conducted research, and learned from our mistakes. Our experience can help make you a more successful coach by giving you the tools you need to help organize your practices and develop appropriate, age level skills in your players.

The Goal of Softball Coach

We want all players to be as successful as they can, play softball for as long as they want, have fun, and have a positive experience. The goal of our site is to pass on our knowledge in order to help you develop the next generation of softball players. Our experiences over the years have been deeply rewarding, and we hope you have the same positive experience.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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